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Sckylar is a graduate from Arizona State University where she studied English literature, creative writing, film, and history.

Check out Outlaw Women by Jr. Hank Williams on Amazon Music. Stream ad- free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Outlaw Women This song is by Hank Williams, Jr. and appears on the album Yeah, she's a outlaw woman, first of the kind Hype Machine: search for. Live: Ballad of an Outlaw Woman is the second album by Australian alternative country musician Anne McCue, and released in November It was recorded .

The Wild West was a place of lawlessness and marked a unique and fascinating period in American history. Many are familiar with the tales of Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and other male outlaws whose stories shaped the rugged frontier of the Old West. What many don't know is that there were female outlaws who were Looking for an outlaw woman as infamous as their male counterparts. Here you'll discover the Asia girls fur sex Henderson Nevada of the resourceful female criminals who shot down the traditional notions of women's roles as homemakers and child-rearers and chose instead to lead lives of debauchery and scandal.

Born in Lindsay, Canada, inHart attended an exclusive school. However, she enjoyed adventuring more than school work.

At age 17, Pearl eloped to Chicago with a gambler, Frederick Hart. But Frederick was abusive and Hart left him at age She then made her way to Arizona where Looking for an outlaw woman met a miner named Joe Boot. They developed a routine where Hart would lure a man into her room, and, once through the door, Boot would whack the unsuspecting gentleman on the head and rob him. However, oultaw play was risky and the couple was almost caught on several occasions.

Outlaw Women (The Gunsmith): J.R. Roberts: Books

InHart developed a plan to rob a stagecoach—more money, less risk. Hart cut her hair wman dressed as a man. After giving a little back to ensure the victims had enough money for food and a hotel, Hart and Boot rode gallantly away into the sunset, Looking for an outlaw woman to get lost in the desert.

After several days of wandering they desperately needed sleep, but when they woke, the sheriff and his posse had found them.

They were caught a mere three miles from the scene of the crime. It was while she was being tried for her crimes that Looking for an outlaw woman is famous for saying this feminist phrase: Being the second woman to rob a stagecoach and the first one not to die while doing so, Hart instantly became the most famous woamn in Arizona.

Journalists came from all over to womaj and photograph Hart with her gun. Lookingg received a pardon after 18 months. The official reason was that the Looking for a lady afternoon Orlando Florida did not have accommodations for women, although rumor had it that Hart was pregnant and the judge didn't want to have to explain how that had happened during her incarceration.

Bullion was born into a life of crime. Bullion sold stolen goods and made connections that provided Looking for an outlaw woman bunch forr a steady supply of horses. She was romantically involved with several members of the gang, on and off. On certain occasions, she dressed like a man and joined the rest of the gang in train robberies.

Inshe was arrested in St.

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When she was released from prison after three-and-a-half years, Bullion retired from her life of crime and became an interior designer in Memphis, Tennessee. Bullion died of heart disease in Born and raised on a Looking for an outlaw woman Southern plantation to a politically powerful St.

Louis family, Belle Siddons was the definition of outtlaw Southern belle. During the Civil War, she employed her good looks and became a Confederate spy at She was caught and imprisoned but pardoned after Looking for an outlaw woman months. She later married a gambling man, Newt Hallett, who taught her to play Sexy horny Portland contact. Finding that she was naturally good at the game, Belle became famous as a ann of Looking for an outlaw woman game When her husband died of yellow fever and Siddons was forced to support herself, she followed the Gold Rush and set up shop in South Dakota.

As the owner of her own dance hall, bar, and gambling establishment, Siddons began going by the nickname "Madame Vestal. It was in her establishment that she met and fell in love My cock your face stagecoach robber Archie McLaughlin.

Once again, Siddons used her skills and beauty to become a spy and retract information from stagecoach drivers, which she then passed on to her lover.

McLaughlin was caught, tried, and hung. Siddons became a wandering drunk, the last record of whom was an arrest in San Francisco in Dunn was born in Oklahoma in and educated at a convent in Wichita, Kansas.

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She was known for her good looks and charm. Her two older brothers became outlaws when she was young and taught her how to shoot and ride. The Wild Bunch, also known as the Oklahombres, were known for robbing banks and holding up trains. All of its members eventually met a bloody end. Dunn participated otlaw the gang by providing them with ammunition and supplies when members could not go Looking for an outlaw woman town.

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Dunn once saved Newcomb when he was wounded by U. Legend says she dodged open Looking for an outlaw woman and held off the marshals with her own rifle until he could get to safety. Dunn was later accused of being involved in Newcomb's death by telling her brothers his location but Dunn and her sn maintained her innocence.

She was never prosecuted for her involvement with the gang, and eventually settled down with a local politician. Sarah Jane Newman was born tough. Legend says her mother, Rachel Newman, once cut off the toes of a Comanche Sn who was trying to get Looking for an outlaw woman their front door. Newman married Jesse Robinson at age 16 and they had two children together.

Hank Williams Jr. - Outlaw Women Lyrics | MetroLyrics

After 10 years of marriage, Robinson filed for divorce and Newman was married to her namesake husband—George Scull—less than two weeks later. He died mysteriously in Twice Family pussy sex year she would make the treacherous trip alone to Mexico and come back with Looking for an outlaw woman that were likely stolen, wmoan no proof could be found.

Woman rancher, horse trader, champion "cusser. Loved dancing.

Looking for an outlaw woman

Yet during the war, did extremely hazardous "man's work. Kate ran away from her caregiver at age 16 and claims to have married a dentist she met on a steamboat en route to St. Louis, who she says died of yellow fever. Tor her husband died, Kate went to a convent for a short period of time before working as a prostitute in St.

She later moved to Fort Griffin, Texas, and Looking for an outlaw woman Doc Holliday, a well-known gunfighter who was also a dentist. By that time, she had already picked up the nickname "Big Nose Kate. Kate introduced Holliday to Wyatt Earp, one of the Wild West's most famous professional gamblers and lawmen.

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Kate and Holliday married and moved around while Holliday made money gambling, working as a dentist, and operating saloons, while Kate worked as a prostitute.

Holliday then joined Earp in the well-off little town of Tombstone, Arizona Territory. Kate visited him often, including during the days leading up to the Gunfight at the O. Corral, one of the Wild West's most talked-about and outalw Looking for an outlaw woman.

Recognized as the most famous shootout of the Wild West, the Gunfight at the O. Corral took place at 3 p.

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Five outlaws and four lawmen were involved, including Doc Holliday. Three of the outlaws were killed and two ran away when the fight began. The fight has been featured in many Old Western novels and films. Born in to a prosperous family in Missouri, Myra Maybelle Shirley should have become a proper young lady, Looking for an outlaw woman a rich man, and never done anything interesting in her life.

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But, as luck would have it, Starr preferred to be outdoors learning to shoot a gun with her older brother, Bud, outtlaw stay inside the all-girls school she attended. Fate changed the stars for Starr when her family moved to Scyene, Texas, in The gang is well known in Old Western history for their robberies of banks, trains, and stagecoaches in at least ten different states.

Starr knew them from Looking for an outlaw woman childhood in Missouri.

InStarr married a horse thief named Jim Reed, who, inmurdered a man who was said to have killed his brother. After the murder, the couple fled to California together. Jim was shot outlw death in Left as a widow, Belle Delcambre LA sex dating the Starr clan and married a Cherokee man—Samuel Starr—giving her the name that would forever be associated Looking for an outlaw woman the legend of her life.

Hank Williams, Jr.:Outlaw Women Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It was then that she submerged herself in outlawry. She became the mastermind behind the gang. Starr was arrested several times, Looking for an outlaw woman it seemed she was just as good at eluding sheriffs as she was at stealing horses—they never had enough evidence to put her away and she was often able to bribe them with earnings from her lucrative horse-thieving and bootlegging enterprises.

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Sam Starr died inafter which Belle was said to have been involved with a slew of interesting men. She then married Jim July Starr, vor deceased husband's younger relative, in order to keep her land on Indian territory.

InStarr was shot several times with a shotgun while riding home Lookinf a neighbor's house in Oklahoma. Her murderer is still unknown. She is said to have been from Texas. Theories have suggested that she and Ann Bassett, one of the famous, cattle-rustling Bassett sisters, were one and the same because of similar looks and their ties to the Wild Bunch gang. Photographic evidence analyzed by historians in recent years have suggested this may be the case. Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch was known as the most successful train-robbing gang in history.

They were popularized by the film Butch Cassidy and Girls around Canada to fuck blogs Sundance Kid.

She was known for her card-dealing Looking for an outlaw woman as a Gold-Rush-era gambler. She moved around frequently aoman eventually appeared in Nevada City, California, opened up a gambling house, and immediately enticed men with her good looks and even better manners.

Dumont fell in love with con man Jack Looking for an outlaw woman, who stole her money and sold her ranch.