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Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want I Am Seeking Swinger Couples

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Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want

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Being nerdy youu outdoorsy would be lovely, but being passionate about something (even something I'm not terribly interested in) is huge. Feel free to wear your highest heels, Im 6'4 barefoot. I prefer someone with no children as I look forward to my own Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want the right person. I like to go fishing and Wantef:. Over 40 and at this time in your life you know where you are headed and want someone to head there with you:-) You are kind, loving, pboobiesionate and true to life.

Age: 22
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Am Look For Horny People
City: Warragul–Drouin
Hair: Redhead
Relation Type: Playing A Joke On Brother In Horny Older Women

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Firstly, thanks for all your advice and wisdom and your massively entertaining Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want.

I have no trouble attracting men of all ages. The problem is: I am not attracted to men my own age. I love guys who are around the 30 year old mark. Yes, playing with fire I know!! Unfortunately, it seems, single guys my own age either cannot match my physical energy and sheer enthusiasm for life or they are taken already!

Many of them are lonely, often damaged by failed relationships and looking for someone to share a latte with on a Sunday morning for hod next 40 years… This is not what I want at this point in my life. I find younger guys so much more fun and attracting them is easy, both hwo and off. And— in most cases—that is not going to be with a woman who Ladies wants sex NY Interlaken 14847 pretty well past childbearing age… Bummer for me!

So do you think it is possible to have a passionate relationship of integrity by that I mean more than just a romp when there is a big age difference? It would be a cliche to write this off as midlife Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want, although I understand you could reach this conclusion.

Thanks for your letter and kind words. A year-old guy most likely sees you as a story, a fling, a reverse May-December romance that he will look back upon fondly one day when he tells his younger wife the tale of the oldest woman he ever bedded. The fact is, your letter Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want have been written by a private client. The other blind spot you appear to have is the same one that afflicts all of my clients over the age of To wit: Hkw get off your pedestal and look around.

The answer is of course yes but there are of course wany in any relationship. Who writes these questions anyway? Wonder how this comes off when Extremely horny sluts Rossford to a man?

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No harm in dating all kinds of men and having fun. This is Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want matter how crappy the relationship was. Now in hindsight, I can see the changes I went through and where I am today is different from where I was 4 years ago. I can understand what AM has shared to an extent. I am fortunate in that I have aged gracefully, and I love to do all kinds of fun activities. Yet the men that are closer to my age who are available either want someone younger or they rarely interest me.

And yes, I know.

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I have life stories, too. I just keep looking. Whether you are male or female, an year age difference is pretty big.

Most people, regardless of age, want someone who is within years of their own age. Also, if AM has so many close, younger friends, why not ask them to set her up? Evan wrote The other blind spot you appear to have is the same one that afflicts all of my clients over the age of Many of them are lonely, often damaged by failed relationships and looking for someone to share a latte with on a Sunday morning for the next 40 years.

So really, I think the mindset of the OP is a little off. This is a universal thing. Of course the OP has a Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want at finding a long lasting good relationship with a younger guy.

All you can do is weed out the ones who wants flings faster and open up your dating opens to more quality guys. Younger guys want to hook up with older women for sex. There is the subculture gap between age groups getting in the way.

Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want

Then there is the issue of whether or not he can handle the way his circle of people will view him being seen with a significantly older partner. I agree with almost everything Evan said…I do think you need to be open to a range of ages — both older and younger — the focus should be on finding the person who is right for you, Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want how old they are.

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It goes without saying that the person who is right Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want you will be able to keep up with you, regardless of how old he is. Maybe the attracting is easy, but the finding is not. When you are 26 almost everyone is fit and healthy and fairly attractive.

As you get older, there are a lucky few Senior dating Greenwell Point ks retain all those characteristics, but they are few and far between. Because they are rare, there is nothing easy about finding them. I am a 35 year old female, lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes and fairly attractive.

I am complimented frequently on my appearance and I keep myself in shape. Sorry Evan for being one of your typical responders! I would prefer a man as close to my own age as possible, but have a hard time finding a single man of that age.

Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want Which means I get a lot of offers from younger average 26 and older average 50 men. You can say a significantly younger man has an agenda for dating an older woman — but older men also have an agenda for dating significantly younger women. The agendas are just different. So my suggestion to AM would be twofold: Second, try expanding your search geographically if you can.

Denise 2 Who writes these questions anyway? And as many super fit active baby boomers I see, why do people think that being fit and active makes them so Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want In my fitness classes, I New years Madison women looking for fuc always the youngest by a good bit.

Everyone, including the teachers always seemed to be north of 40 and in amazing shape. Orthopedic surgeons are struggling to keep up with older people who want a new knee to do the Iron Man.

A lot of people brag about looking so young online but they are always wrong in my opinion say that as a 30 something. Yeah, well, my local Trader Joes and several other stores had signs that they carded anyone that they thought was 40 or under.

So in his case, they had him just right and stopped carding him by his 40th birthday.

Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want I Seeking Real Dating

Getting carded does not mean you look It just is policy in some Wantsd: that unless you have your grandkids with you, they want to see ID. And she might find someone who will stay married to her until she really starts to look like an old lady.

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And seriously, why SO young? Anyone who is so convinced that they look so much younger really should spend time in a crowd of people who are really that age.

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Hang out with a bunch of business school students, who are all about 30 Cougag see if anyone really falls for that. Seriously, you are bound to age a lot more between 50 and 60 than your boytoy does between 30 and 40, jow since men are so visual, that is bound to matter sooner or later. You might have beat the Wantrd:, but it still makes it the exception and not the rule. I have men 15 to 20 years younger contacting me….

Flattered at first glance…I now find Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want almost unflattering wondering what their motives are…. While many attractive men my own age are looking for 20 years younger…I have to wonder if they have grown enough that I would even want them in my life! Their delusions of grandeur… may make them emotionally unavailable… They may be constantly seeking a thrill… However slim the pool may be…either direction… I agree with Evan…it is so very worth holding out for that man who may be near our age give Naughty woman wants casual sex Wenatchee take a few Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want feel youthful in ways we might also feel…and ready to love and enjoy life together….


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She has to be doing something every minute of every day—even sleeping is not conducive to resting and doing nothing—and I am not exaggerating either. When my friend and I spend time with her, we want to know when cocktail Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want is!

No wonder Asian women only young men want us! I am at the place in my life where I do not want to teach any man anything in a big picture way—not how to be a man, not how to be a good lover, not how women work as close as a man is to figuring it out!

Unfortunately there are too many people who have distorted definitions and perceptions of themselves and cling desperately to their youth. The OP likely enjoys the attention from younger men because she wants San francisco fuck buddy feel young.

She Wanetd: herself that these men are genuinely interested in her and what she has to offer.

Some are. By dating someone her age that would be an admission that she is no longer While age difference does matter to an extent, so does shared interests and hobbies. Andrea Cougar Wanted: Treat me how you want I think one of the frequent blunders Cpugar online profiles is telling people that you look younger than you are. If it is true, you can let them decide it from your pictures and meeting you.

If it is not true, you just look out of touch bringing it up. I was 44, had just ended a 9-month relationship and was Better Adult Dating Dyer NV personals on the dating scene again. I had Evan help me with my profile and set out to date men around my own age wang older.

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Guess what? They wanted someone way younger. The men who actively sought me out online, and at my dating service? Were At first, it was a bit disconcerting — but I decided to just go with it.

What the heck. My friends teased me about being a cradle robber, and I made my share of cougar jokes.